We are in the 21st century, and everyone is literally living in the future. Thanks to the power of technology. But, if you are living in the future, why is your porn still stuck in the past? Why should you continue watching the boring 2D porn when you can migrate and start watching the exciting 3D VR porn movies?

You need to keep in mind that VR porn aren’t like the normal stuff that you are used to. You will need some headgear and a subscription to one of the VR porn sites to get started. Badoink VR porn and the Naughty America VR sites are among the most common VR porn sites out there.

However, choosing between the two sites can be quite challenging, especially if you are a beginner. So, between Badoink and Naughty Amateur, which one has the best VR videos? Read on to find out.

Whiteboard Explainer Videos

VR Naughty Amateur VR Porn Site

Launched in March 2016, the Naughty American site boasts of a good selection of both VR and non-VR porn scenes that will stimulate your mind. It also provides both streaming and downloading capabilities and over 180 performers.

However, as of April 2018, this Naughty American VR site changed what is usually included in its standard subscription. The change led to a significant reduction in the number of porn videos that users can watch. Instead of a membership plan that allows access to all porn videos, it now only allows access to scenes released the previous month.

As the month progresses, you lose access to the older releases and get new ones to watch. But, if you aren’t interested in a huge selection of regular porn, the Naughty American virtual reality porn site remains one of the best VR porn sides worth considering.

Common Mistakes

Badoink VR

The Badoink virtualreality pornsite is perhaps the only completely VR-focused brand in the adult space. That alone makes it a top choice for people who wish to enjoy VR porn movies. Every week, the site releases one new high-quality 4K VR porn video.

The Badoink VR porn site features high-quality videos from famous porn stars such as Tori Black and August Ames. However, its most significant selling point is its well-designed and user-friendly site.

The Badoink VR site is known for its fluency and enhanced user experience.  The site offers one day, monthly and yearly membership subscriptions.

Final Verdict

Evaluating the two sites, it is quite easy to conclude that Badoink VR offers a huge collection of VR porn compared to Naughty Amateur.

However, if your primary target is to watch fresh content without being bothered by the past video collection, Naughty Amateur is still a good site to try out.