3 Key Aspects Of In-House Explainer Videos Production That’s You Should Seriously Consider

There is a lot of statistics out there that corroborate how potent a video is as a marketing tool. In fact, according to a recent survey by Google, video will attribute to 80 percent of all traffic by the turn of 2020. You might be contemplating including explainer videos into your marketing strategy. You might also be trying to figure out how other businesses and companies are able to turn out scintillating and compelling explainer videos. You should know that scintillating and compelling explainer videos can be produced comfortably by an in-house team. All you need to ensure success with your in-house team is to implement the following:

Gather the right in-house team to create your explainer videos

You don’t have to assemble a huge team to experience success with your product explainer videos. But one thing you must ensure your team includes is the right talent, which means gathering a great mix of skills. Some of the key talents that you must have in your team include scriptwriter, voiceover artist, animators, video editors and motion graphics experts. However, the kind of team you assemble will depend upon your budget and goal of explainer video production.

Passion is one of the greatest attributes to the success of your explainer videos production

Any entrepreneur can tell you that passion can get you where you thought you could not reach. Passion will get you to commit to the process of making compelling explaining videos and expend all your energy on it. Passion should be available across the board, meaning all members of your in-house team should share your vision and dedicate their time and energy to realizing it. In other words, creating a scintillating and compelling explainer video needs a dedicated and passionate in-house team.

Cultivate a unique culture that props up your explainer video production team

Let’s face it; explainer videos can be interesting and entertaining and you may think is easy to produce. A ton of time, effort, resources and research is required to come up with this kind of video. However, turning out compelling explainer videos consistently requires that the in-house team be given the necessary support. They should be provided with the right motivation, tools, and equipment. When your explainer videos project results, the in-house team should be rewarded accordingly. This kind of culture can help propel your brand to the next level quickly.


While most business owners prefer to just work with the in-house team to create explainer videos, you can solicit the services of a freelance video production agency to fine-tune your explainer videos. Besides fine-tuning your explainer videos, an external video production agency will bring a sense of uniqueness to them.