6 Common Mistakes To Avoid While Making Whiteboard Explainer Videos

Whiteboard explainer videos are the best ways to engage with your people and convert them into a lead! Here are 6 common mistakes to avoid while making whiteboard explainer videos!

You are planning to create your first whiteboard explainer video? That’s great! Whiteboard explainer videos are education, cute, interesting, and always fun to watch. This type of video is a powerful tool that will help you convert your potential clients into actual buyers.

Explainer videos are all over the internet, and businesses are using them to explain what their brand, product or service is all about. However, in order to achieve the best results possible, it is really important for your whiteboard explainer video to be well planned and done with care.

To help avoid a damage and an awful outcome, we will discuss common mistakes that could easily ruin explainers.

➢ Whiteboard explainer video without a hand – The thing that makes whiteboard videos unique is the hand that draws and presents your story. The whole point of hand-drawing is to add a personality and a human touch to the video. Whiteboard video without a hand doesn’t make any sense. Without the hand, the video would be just an ordinary video and not a whiteboard video. So, please don’t forget to add the hand in your video. It will make a great human connection with the viewers.

➢ Use a background color – The phrase whiteboard explainer video speaks for itself. It means that a certain product or service would be presented and explained on a whiteboard. So, using other background colors won’t be a smart move. Usually, in some situations, there are businesses that prefer to use other colors such as gray, however, you should keep in mind that the standard style of this type of video would be compromised and could easily harm its outcome.

➢ Forgot a CTA – The purpose of every whiteboard explainer video is to convince the viewers to make an action and purchase your products or services. If you forgot a CTA or call-to-action, that means that you’ve missed the whole point of your video. Forgetting a call-to-action is a huge mistake as your group of people is not going to do anything, if they are not motivated or convinced to do something. You need to give your viewers something to do after the video. Hire a SEO expert or digital marketing consultant to help you suggest the right titles and calls-to-action in order to maximize the visibility of your video.

➢ A bad animation – The point of the explainer video is to interact with your viewers and build trust. However, you can’t expect your viewers and potential customers to trust you if your promotional video is compromised on animation. You need to pay attention and make sure the quality of the video is on the highest level possible.

➢ What was this explainer video all about – Whiteboard explainer videos should be short, fun, and creative. They are also perceived as educational videos and must be focused on any of your product or services. If you create a complicated video, the viewer will get confused and will miss the whole point of your video. Create a short, clear, and precise video.

➢ Not offering a solution – Remember, the problem or issue you solve for your customers should be the bread and butter of your explainer video. Show off how particular features of the products or services you are selling fic the issues faced by your customers. This is your chance to exploit the benefits of your explainer video!

Avoid these common mistakes and you will be on your way towards creating a whiteboard video that is concise, clear, and kicks your viewers into an action. Good luck!