All You Need To Know About Kinetic Topography Explainer Videos

Before we delve into kinetic typography, let’s look at what typography is. Typography is pretty much everywhere we look, such as on the websites we visit every day, in the books we read, on products packages and on road signs. In a nutshell, typography is the appearance or style of text. Typography can also mean the art of playing around with text.

Kinetic typography explainer videos explained

Kinetic typography is an animation style that causes your letters to expand, shrink, change, grow, and move in slow motion. It’s a bit advanced compared to the common PowerPoint animation command. In fact, of late, it has become popular in the video space.

Situations to use kinetic typography explainer videos

Kinetic typography is an interesting explainer video design tool. It’s popular in designing videos, and its selling point is that it’s able to bring a sense of fun into messages that may seem boring. Specifically, kinetic typography is utilized in explainer videos to evoke emotion, bring out a scene of a dialogue or character to life. It’s also used to grab viewers’ attention. For instance, you can create your kinetic typography to move the way your character is moving. In other words, when your story includes a character racing away from a particular scene, you can design your text in such a way that it races across the screen. Alternatively, if your character is shouting, you can design your text in such a way that it appears to be vibrating and growing to depict a loud volume. The trick to using kinetic typography in your explainer videos is to be creative.

Using kinetic typography templates to create your explainer videos

Today, you don’t need to have experience and expertise or certificate in design to be able to add kinetic topography to your explainer videos. The internet is full of websites that offer a huge range of templates and kinetic topography generators that make it easy to do that. Specifically, the template helps you integrate kinetic typography and infographic into your explainer videos.

The templates come with eye-catching fonts, matching icons, and inviting colors that motivate your viewers to watch the video to the very end. The templates are adapted to breaking down complex topics into easy to understand and engaging message.


Kinetic typography explainer videos are increasingly becoming popular because of their ability to break down complex topics into comprehensible and engaging messages. Plus, they are meant to be short, so viewers will not get bored while watching them. So if you’re a business owner selling unique products and services, consider using Kinetic typography explainer videos.